Do You Get The Picture?

So here I go trying out wordpress. There are a million things I want to learn and blogging about all of them is the next big adventure. So far I have taken this journey on Blogger for fun, so coming over here to WordPress is rocking my ability to flow. However, I am here and I am going public with whatever it is I might say and do on this blog. So when it all comes down to it the question will remain: Do you get the picture? Since I love photography and capturing a million moments in a frozen image it sounds fitting to move forward with such things. I am opininated and analytical. Always questioning and always trying to see the bigger “PICTURE” in life. And so on this very small post and not so great attempt at posting a header I am here at doyougetthepicture. (that header is a quick pic of the floor of the baby’s room at 430am during her “play time” tee hee!) It is the eve of 2011 and I know this year is going to be full of experience for each of us captured in pictures in our minds eye and for people shutter crazy like me…..on digital images! Today is a day for reflecting, planning, and playing. So do something today that says 2010 is almost over and 2011 is on the way to a bigger and better picture of your life. I know I am and I am planning on doing things this year the way I take pictures: “Just take the picture!” Moments are fleeting and time is passing by so, for 2011 I am ready to “Just take the picture” by trying new things and pursuing the things I love. I am letting go of perfection, moving on to minimalism, and vowing to flourish spiritually. Fill me in on your thoughts and dreams for 2011. More posts to come!

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