Picture This For New Years Resolutions

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of never accomplishing your New Years Resolutions.  Did you misplace the list from last year?  Well I have an idea…..Don’t do the yearly New Years Resolution List……..Do a Lifetime Bucket List.  You know the list you make of all the things you hope to do before you die.  Your Bucket List can consist of anything you are hoping to do someday.  I started mine and took a picture of it and posted it below.  I am not done and actually I am looking forward to a notebook full of things I want to try………..like the Jamacian Restaurant Downtown. 

Now here’s another idea for remembering your Bucket List, and if you still aspire to do that 2011 New Years Resolution List try this:  If you have a monthly planner, make copies of your “Lists” and paper clip them to eat month.  If you are using a Blackberry or any other neato device…..take the time to schedule a recurring appointment monthly or even weekly.  This will help you keep your list and keep in fresh on your mind.

Let  me know how it goes and perhaps I will share my lists with you.

Beginning My Bucket List

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