Take a Picture of “It”!!!!!!!!!!

Take a picture of what? ANYTHING! I am always trying to perserve memories. A long time back especially during this digital age I started taking pictures of things I wanted to remember but not keep. The first thing I remember was a junkie key chain from a junkie gym I went to in college. I never wanted to forget that place but the key chain had to go. My cousin thought it was the best idea ever and says do what Renay does, “take a picture of it and throw it out!”

Then when I took a dark room class at a small community college we took pictures of our finished photos and placed them on slides….who knew? So just do it! Take a picture of it!

I have also started taking pictures of my childrens art work, and I plan on putting them on a digital frame really soon!

Dont wait for a scanner! Just do it! A few days ago we visited my Dad for a late Christmas and he got out some photos from Vietnam and wham! I got out the camera……..well it was already out…………but I took pictures of those pictures! And now I have my own copy.

Now don’t get crazy observe copyrights but take pictures of the things you love. Just take pictures! And don’t forget digital frames! We gave one to the parents and grandparents this year. They were loaded with about 600 pictures and it was a huge hit!

Take a Picture of “It”! Of What? ANYTHING!

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