5 tips to organize and save your photos!

If my first photography theory is:  ” Just take the picture!”

Then my second photography theory is: “Just save the picture!”

  The important parts are that you took it and you saved it.  In this digital age the options after the first two completed tasks are endless.  However, if you don’t take the picture you don’t have any options.  And if you don’t save the picture you may not have any options if they are lost due to a crash etc.  Therefore as imperfect as this may be here are my top 5 organizing photo habits.

  1. Take the photo!
  2. Delete photos that you don’t love immediately and while still on the camera before you download them to your computer.
  3. Name the file:  I do it by date and keyword~~for example  January 10 2011 Playdate with Moms group.
  4. Select photos in that file that you LOVE the most and put them in a subfolder ~~for example January 10 2011 Playdate Favorites.
  5. Then back up save to a disk, to Wal-Mart to carbonite, Snapfish, email them to your family members.  Make sure they are in at least 2 different places. 

You might want to couple this with another activity you have to do like balancing your checkbook.  To me my money and my pictures are pretty important.  I have been saving my pictures faithfully but not balancing my checkbook.  Today I did both!  These were both on my New Year’s Resolution List.

How do you handle your photos? And for that matter your checkbook?

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