DONT TOUCH THE BABY! 5 things I did to stay healthy!

not a particular fan of any of these, its just what we had

Its here the stomach bug that has been “sickening” to all of my friends.  It first hit the girlie~girl and now the boy.  I am on a full on mission to keep these germs away from the little member of the family the baby.  So yes, the bathrooms are SUPERCLEAN, so are the sinks, floors, laundry (I almost boiled the water to wash things), and my hands: SUPERCLEAN!

Here are 5 things I did to try to stay healthy.

  1. Handwashing!:                                                                                                                  and lots of it.  Hand Sanitizer: I used it everytime I touched my kids, their cups, anything, and everytime I touched the baby.  I also had the kids use it constantly.
  2. Lysol:                                                                                                                                                       We used it on everything.  I even used it on the linens, even the unsoiled ones.  If I took it to the laundry room I sprayed it with Lysol. I even sprayed the clothes I wore a time or two (not sure that is a great idea but I did it). Lysol bathroom cleaner was a must too. I also bleached everything I put in the sink that was used by the kids, cups, puke bowls, the works, rinsed and bleached. Let me clarify: I sprayed bleach on anything I put in the sink.  I did not let it set there and breed more virus.
  3. Quarantine:                                                                                                                         Althouugh I could not keep my kids in seperate rooms (I am a Mama to 3) I placed everyone in the Living Room.  And I contained the baby.  This way the whole house was not completely under attack.  We were close to one full bath and the kitchen. 
  4. Fluids:                                                                                                                                     We drank ’em! Gatorade, Pedialyte, Tea, Popsicles, anything! Yes there were times of letting the gut rest but when they were willing they drank. And to keep ahead of the game for “the just in case I get it”: I DRANK!
  5. Rest:                                                                                                                                      They rested and I rested.  It was a good time to just be here! And it still is as they recover.  We canceled all activities today. Even though the kids are not vomiting anymore: they are on the mend.  They need to rest.  So if it is possible Rest!

What do you do to keep the bugs contained at your house?

Check out what was for breakfast today! below!

I should have made a sign! DONT TOUCH BABY!


What's for breakfast? While they recover.



disclaimer: this is not a medical advice post, do what your doctor tells you to do.

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