We lost the War!

This stomach bug hit our family hard.  It took each of us down one by one.  Never in the history of our small family have we shared an illness that lingered in our home for more than a week.  It has been tough.  However I must say it was good to hault life outside home for a bit, and to toast Rocket Pops and cups of crushed ice.  The intial first 12 hours of this bug was the worst for each of us but after that it was sipping, sleeping, and recovering. The really unfortunate part was each of us were sick in the middle of the night, which really wore us out.  We were so pleased that the baby did not seem as sick as the rest of us, it was easiest on here PTL.

So that little note I left in the middle of the week about Lysol and handwashing and this and that, we lost that war.  This stomach bug was tough.  And my poor husband feels like a sitting duck.  He would be the last victim and he waits.

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