Brace Yourself!

Today was a busy interesting day.  We popped out of bed early to take the baby for immunizations and hurried home to start school.  We were more productive than usual and it felt good.  I had an appointment at my Orthodontists office to have a permanent wire fixed, no big deal, right?  Well 3 minutes in the chair and the doctor tells me we should put braces on those teeth to get them back in the best order possible!   What?  Braces? What? I had braces as an adult nearly 9 years ago and because of my special situation it has been necessary to keep permanent retainers on my lower front teeth especially. During my pregnancy my lower connections had loosened and I decided to wait until now to have the permanent retainer repaired.  So needless to say I walked out of the orthodontists office with a complete lower set of shiny metal braces~~beautiful! 

tools to take care of the "braces" ~~oh JOY!~~

Life is kind of like this all the way around and many times we have to “Brace” ourselves to deal with the next thing that comes along.  We never really know what situation may drop itself into our lives but we always know there is a source of strength and peace in our Heavenly Father.   {The name of the Lord is a strong tower: The righteous run into it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10}

It is good to dwell on the fact that the Lord is a strong tower and sometimes we need to run there!  Today (January 24 2011) was The March for Life in Washington DC.  I believe that life starts at conception.  On December 18 2008 my husband and I had to “brace” ourselves when we were told that our baby of almost 17 weeks gestation no longer had a heartbeat.  The numbness that comes from something like that is almost more than you can “braceyourself to handle.  Timothy Michael Paul was born 3 days later without a heartbeat and laid to rest on December 23 2008.  We held him, we loved him, we longed for him and we still do.  Believe in life!  I spent 3 days in the hospital trying to induce labor.  During that time I often thought of women who enter abortion clinics knowing their baby has a heartbeat and knowing they are going to take that heartbeat away.  I have been given much grace to deal with such loss, and I pray that women who have experienced similar situations have that grace also.  I also pray for women who have made that awful decision to abort a precious little life; that they may find healing and forgiveness.  And for women who have “braced” themselves to deal with a pregnancy I pray that they lean on the Lord and choose life! I pray that they can run to that “strong tower“. Today in honor of my precious little Timothy Michael Paul I pray our nation will “Brace itself and choose life!”

Timothy's little fingernails were like grains of salt. He was precious.

These little foot prints are actually Timothy's.

Today we really celebrated life! Our baby celebrated her 7month birthday!  Praise the Lord!

Celebrating Gods Grace and His gifts!

How are you celebrating life?  Are you “braced” for a particular situation? Run to the strong tower!

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7 Responses to Brace Yourself!

  1. I love this post. Isn’t it amazing how God uses everyday experiences to speak to our hearts. When we stand in his grace he becomes our strong tower and defense. When we call on his grace he can turn the painful things to precious things.

  2. Sisterlisa says:

    aww that is precious… {{tears}}

  3. Krisa says:

    This is a beautiful post Renay. I can totally relate to having to “brace” myself for many challenges throughout my adult life. I can say with you that God is a faithful and totally reliable strong tower!

  4. Laura Kesner says:

    What a powerful message in such a small word! I have had to “brace” myself for many things lately. God is teaching a lesson out of all of it.
    Getting to see Timothy was just one of many things that confirmed my stance on life. How fearfully and wonderfully made we are, even when so tiny.

  5. Kim says:

    These blogs are truly inspiring and such evidence of God’s grace in your life. He has given you these talents and you are certainly using them to glorify Him! Bless you and thank you!

  6. Tiffany says:

    I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog and to introduce myself, I’m Tiffany! Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to read more!

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